Psychedelic artist collective, party promoter and record label.

Founded by activists from the Paris psychedelic scene, Nataraja is an association that aims to mix different elctronic music cultures, with the will to bring a new location for artists from all horizons to express themselves infront of an electric audience, in a sharing loving and party atmosphere.

Psychedelic Music


@natarajamusic, 2018-02-20

Nataraja's flashback: find the Tik & Tok Project's Facebook Live on our Youtube page...

@natarajamusic, 2018-02-17

Demain à 18h30 : Maraz Nataraja et Alter Ego / Dj Tim - Nataraja Record vous préparent une confrontation au sommet po...

@natarajamusic, 2018-02-17

After some acclaimed collaborations with Flegma (Official) and Sonic Entity, the french psyprog duo Out of Jetlag ret...